Princess Leia & Luke Skywalker | Unscripted Poster Fleece Blanket


Princess Leia & Luke Skywalker | Unscripted Poster Fleece Blanket – Star Wars Classic: Princess Leia & Luke Skywalker | Check out this illustration from the iconic “Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope” movie poster featuring Luke Skywalker with his lightsaber held high, and Princess Leia holding her blaster pistol. A portion of the film script is printed across this illustration, featuring the scene after Leia, Luke, Han, and Chewie escape from the garbage room and make their way down a hallway. | You don’t have to travel to a galaxy far, far away for ‘Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope’ merchandise. Check out the officially licensed Star Wars store on Zazzle instead! The first Star Wars movie follows Luke Skywalker’s journey from farm boy on Tattoine to Jedi in training under the guidance of Obi-Wan Kenobi – and to a hero of the Rebellion. Introducing Princess Leia, Han Solo, C3PO, R2D2, and the menacing Darth Vader, ‘A New Hope’ is the thrilling beginning of the whole Star Wars saga. Find cool merchandise today!


Princess Leia & Luke Skywalker | Unscripted Poster Fleece Blanket

Size: Fleece Blanket, 50″x60″

It’s hard to cuddle by yourself. But with these fully customizable comfy fleece blankets, you won’t have to anymore. Customize the entire front panel and wrap yourself in personalized plush luxury. Delicate, soft and colorful, it’s the perfect blanket for picnics in the park, outdoor events, and cozy winter snuggles.

  • Available in 3 different sizes: small (30″x40″); medium(50″ x 60″); large(60″ x 80″).
  • 100% buttery soft and cozy polyester fleece
  • Edge-to-edge sublimation printing in vibrant full color
  • Sturdy double edge stitching for a clean finish
  • Back color is off-white
  • Machine washable, gentle cycle, mild detergent
  • Tumble dry low

This product is recommended for ages 13+