Zootopia | Zootopia Traffic Accessory Bag


Zootopia | Zootopia Traffic Accessory Bag – Disney’s Zootopia is a city like no other, where animals of all kinds live in harmony. Unfortunately, getting stuck behind a sloth in rush hour traffic has become a daily reality for the residents of Zootopia and this cool vintage style sketch highlights this in a fun and humorous way. The cool black design displays colorful images of animals including giraffes, llamas and mice, riding in all sorts of vehicles. It displays the words “honk” and “beep” in a bold bright font that contrasts beautifully against the black background. Kids and adults alike will love this funny design!


Zootopia | Zootopia Traffic Accessory Bag

Style: Clip On Accessory Bag

Fill it, clip it, and go! This custom clip-on accessory bag is designed to give you on-the-go access to all of your essentials. It’s the perfect companion for camping packs, golf club bags, athletic bags, diaper bags, and more. Printed in vibrant, full color this clip-on accessory bag will look amazing with your text, designs, and photos. Add your initials for a special custom touch!

  • Dimensions: 5″ l x 7″ w
  • Material: Water resistant canvas
  • Black metal zipper and plastic spring clip
  • Made in Kansas City, Missouri – USA